Cinderella’s shoes weren’t as tiny as you thought

Shoes are a very personal thing. Yesterday I spent nearly half an hour in a John Fluevog shop agonising over a pair of utterly, utterly beautiful ones. If they’d had them in my size in the black and pink, they’d have been coming home with me. Sadly, rust and mint just aren’t my colours, so it’s either live without or pay some awful shipping costs…

Fluevog shoes

Beautiful Fluevog shoes

Beautiful, beautiful shoes

So, so beautiful

Beautiful, aren’t they?

However, I digress. This is supposed to be about my friend Johanna, who is Swedish, but lives in San Francisco and let me stay with her. One of Johanna’s special talents (along with being utterly lovely, an astoundingly good networker, a fine salsa dancer and both positive and enthusiastic all the time), is that she can look at any woman and identify if she wears a plus size shoe.

This may not seem much of a talent, but when you’re promoting a line of shoes like LLXLLQ, it’s a great grassroots way of getting the message out. The brand creates stunning shoes for women with larger shoe sizes – and, for once, their beautiful styles aren’t available for people like me with ‘average’ sizes. So they’re the kind of unique shoes that, in my experience, make women really, really happy (see shoes above for an example!). I really loved some ballet flats with the newsprint pattern, but no, I can’t have them!

So, I was off on my travels up the West Coast, and I wanted to give Johanna an unusual gift (she’s that kind of person!) to say thank you for being an amazing host. So I thought about shoes, and the Cinderella theme of the one year anniversary exhibition LLXLLQ are having at Dolce Amore in San Francisco and created this short story for Johanna and her love of stunning shoes:

Cinderella – The Right Shoes

I’ve not let a story out in the wild for a long time – hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Cinderella’s shoes weren’t as tiny as you thought

  1. Johanna C. Nilsson

    Dear Abi,
    Thank you for sharing! Who would have thought what a few days of visit would create!
    Such a pleasure to have had you here, and a joy to read your new version of the Cinderella Story. The Right Shoes. 😉
    I hope some of the women with larger sizes shoes, do hear the story through the grapevines… these shoes are for real, to enjoy.

    All the very best! Thank you again!
    Johanna – LLXLLQ – Size 10-12 Handmade Italian Shoes for Women.

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